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Paramount Pictures 100th Anniversary Photo & Video

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On January 13, 2012, Paramount Pictures’ gathered 116 stars on the historic Stage 18 on the lot to celebrate it’s 100th Anniversary.

This historic “birthday” photo was taken by Vanity Fair. See the interactive version here –  – and then check out the video below.

Take a look at the photo from the 75th Anniversary. The stars then were Bob Hope, Charlton Heston, Elizabeth Taylor, and James Stewart. When I was a page, 8 years after this first picture was taken, I was there watching Kevin Costner film WATERWORLD in the blue sky tank.

2012 ushered in the 100th Anniversary of Paramount Pictures, the only major Hollywood studio to achieve this historic milestone. In December 2011, Paramount Pictures unveiled a new company logo to commemorate the studio’s 100th Anniversary in show business. Adolph Zukor, Jesse L. Lasky and Cecil B. DeMille are credited as Paramount’s principle founders, with “Queen Elizabeth” being the studio’s first feature film in 1912.