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WAMG Text Service

Have you ever wished you could shrink us down, put us in your pocket/purse and take us everywhere you go in case you had a movie question or needed a recommendation? Well that time has finally come… sort of. We now have a number you can text questions directly to us and the best part is its free. Your text will come DIRECTLY to one of the fearless movie geeks on staff here at WAMG. All you need to do is put the following number in your phone (949) 436-WAMG and you can send us a text message day or night. Can’t remember that actors name? Send us a text. Not sure which movie to take your grandmother to? Send us a text. Going on a first date with some hipster chubby guy and he tells you to pick out the movie but you want him to think your a badass? Text us and we will tell you what to go see.

I know what you are thinking, there is a catch somewhere. My phone bill is going to get charged some ridiculous amount for this service… well no, its not. This service is COMPLETELY FREE to use. The only charge you will ever see from texting us is if you don’t have text messaging on your phone, go over your texting limit or something crazy like that. We are offering this service to all of our readers because… we love you. Yes you.

So what are you waiting for? Put the following number in your phone and start texting us NOW! (949) 436-WAMG

Please note: This is a text message service only. Phone calls will go straight to a voicemail that is never checked. We will do our best to answer your question IMMEDIATELY, but like any other free service we cant place any guarantees on whether you like our answers. If we recommend something to you and you hate it… well sorry. We aren’t offering any refunds. We will NOT be selling your phone numbers, they will be kept secret along with all of our other secrets.

We will also probably post some of the funnier text messages on the site (no we wont include your phone number, just the area code), so you have been warned.

Again, that phone number is: (949) 436-WAMG