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Last Tuesday night I went to Bar 13 for a preview of’s newest original web series, M’LARKY. Dan Fogler (BALLS OF FURY, FANBOYS) created the series, which he also stars in along with Josh Warren, TJ Hassan, Jeffrey Ross, Gilbert Gottfried, and Ariel Shafir. Here is the plot according to the official Facebook page:

Jon M’larky is a renegade cop who partners up with Chicago Cubbs, a man torn with revenge over the death of his cousin Gel Roy, to take down the worlds most notorious drug lord Toblerone. Produced by Studio 13.

This description does not do the show justice because it is far more insane. The show is a barrage of hilarious and over the top homages to classic cop movies and TV shows told through green screen action, video game footage and one-liners. The storyline is extremely loose but that is only to fit as many jokes and slapstick action as possible in each episode, which only run a few minutes.

Similar to Fogler’s directorial debut, the equally insane horror comedy HYSTERICAL PSYCHO, it is easy to tell that a lot of fun was had on set while making this show. Not only does it come through on the screen but Dan had a huge grin whenever talking about M’LARKY. I’ll be posting a full interview soon but for now check out the first two episodes of M’LARKY at

And if you want a chance to win some stuff by watching the show, enter this contest from

Full Disclosure: I am friends with Dan Fogler and producer Thomas Sullivan but that doesn’t alter my opinion of the show. It’s a damn fun web series.

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