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KILL SHOT – Review

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Rib Hillis and Rachel Cook, in KILL SHOT. Courtesy of Well Go USA Entertainment

There have been forests full of “thrillers” in which one or more people go for a woodsy getaway only to find that they’re pursued by one or more bad guys, just for being at the wrong place at the wrong time. KILL SHOT is another, and it’s nowhere near the top of that heap. It’s not even the best among several previous films bearing the same title.

Two ex-models, Rachel Cook (not Rachel Leigh Cook) and Rib (not a typo) Hillis star respectively as a woman who wants to hunt moose and spread her father’s ashes in the rough terrain of Montana as a tribute to him. Hillis plays her guide. She’s beautiful; he’s ruggedly handsome and his wife just dumped him for spending too much time in the boonies, rather than with her. Apparently, her nature didn’t measure up to Mother Nature’s nature. That sets up a possibility for romance to blossom in the wild.

Coincidentally, a gang of mercenaries had stolen a fortune in Afghanistan but lost it when one had to bail out of his plane with the loot somewhere in that area. They’re armed to the teeth and scouring the woods for the briefcase filled with their booty (the cash type, not the recreational). Our eye-candy couple just happens to stumble upon it first. Most of the running time is spent running, as a seemingly inexhaustible supply of hench-persons pursues the two. In fact, there are far more baddies gunning for our protagonists than what appeared to be the size of the crew that snatched the dough at the beginning of the flick.

Though ridiculously outgunned and outnumbered, they fare pretty well, managing to knock off most of their unanticipated foes along the way. The scenery (mountains and rivers and woods, oh my!) is lovely but the chase requires suspending more of that pesky disbelief than the norm. Trained ex-soldiers fire a hell of a lot of rounds without hitting anyone, even when their targets are traversing open ground. Admittedly, a couple of plot twists partly atone for the rest but not all surprises are assets.

The two stars give decent performances, and there’s plenty of action for one’s adrenaline fix. Just don’t expect the story to be a treat.

KILL SHOT debuts Tuesday, Aug. 15, on DVD, Blu-Ray and digital formats from Well Go USA Entertainment.

RATING: 1 out of 4 stars