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The First Rule of FIGHT CLUB is to See it Midnights This weekend at The Tivoli

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“I got in everyone’s hostile little face. Yes, these are bruises from fighting. Yes, I’m comfortable with that. I am enlightened.”

FIGHT CLUB screens this Friday and Saturday nights (July 19th and 20th) at The Tivoli Theater as part of their ‘Reel Late at The Tivoli’ Midnight Series. A Facebook invite for the screening can be found HERE

No Merchandising. Editorial Use Only. No Book Cover Usage. Mandatory Credit: Photo by Merrick Morton/20th Century/REX/Shutterstock (5884287o) Edward Norton, Brad Pitt Fight Club – 1999 Director: David Fincher 20th Century Fox USA Scene Still Drama

“Nobody should see FIGHT CLUB!” is what Rosie O’Donnell exclaimed on her talk show in 1999. “Shame on you Brad!” she added. “How many people with serious mental problems are going decide that the cure is to shoot themselves in the head!?” she asked in an apparent rage. Can a person miss the point of a movie any further? Despite Ms O’Donnell’s rant FIGHT CLUB will be long remembered as a film that defined a generation. Like REBEL WITHOUT A CAUSE decades before FIGHT CLUB summed up its generation in all its materialistic , capitalistic glory. You’ll have the chance to experience FIGHT CLUB on the big screen this weekend (September 13th and 14th) when it plays at the Tivoli midnights this weekend as part of their ‘Reel Late at the Tivoli’ series.


FIGHT CLUB is a definitively ‘male’ movie (maybe that’s why Rosie didn’t like it it). This is neither good nor bad, but it is undeniable. The character of Marla as played by Helena Bonham Carter is entertaining, but mostly defined by her relationship to the two male leads. The picture would have almost worked without her, yet the film appeals to both men and women. FIGHT CLUB has great speed, in dialogues and actions, it has a great cast (even Meat Loaf is good), and most important it was deep, so deep that nobody noticed it was deep because the depth of FIGHT CLUB is beyond the tears and silences found in the usual deep movie. If you’ve seen it dozens of times and don´t know what movie to watch this weekend, go see FIGHT CLUB midnights at The Tivoli. If you’ve already seen it and don’t like it, go see FIGHT CLUB midnights at The Tivoli. If you’ve never seen it, I envy you seeing it for the first time. Go see FIGHT CLUB midnights at The Tivoli.

The Tivoli’s located at 6350 Delmar Blvd., University City, MO. Admission is a mere $8!

The Tivoli’s website can be found HERE

Here’s the line-up for the other films coming to ‘Reel Late at The Tivoli:

July 19-20           FIGHT CLUB

July 26-27           SCOTT PILGRIM VS. THE WORLD

Aug. 2-3              POLICE STORY (1985)   Jackie Chan classic, 4K digital restoration! – subtitled 

Aug. 9-10            HOT FUZZ  

Aug. 16-17          ROCK ‘N’ ROLL HIGH SCHOOL – New digital re-master – 40th Anniversary

Aug. 23-24          NINJA SCROLL (1993) – subtitled                                

Aug. 30-31          LABYRINTH  

Sept. 6-7             HEDWIG AND THE ANGRY INCH New 4K digital re-master

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