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Have you ever wanted to go back and revisit a moment in time where everything seemed like it came together? Or maybe it was a passion project that didn’t quite go as far as you would have liked? Well, get ready for a trip back to the 90’s with Jerry White Jr. and Jeremy Royce in their documentary 20 YEARS OF MADNESS.

In 20 YEARS OF MADNESS, we follow Jerry White Jr., a recent film school graduate who has always wondered ‘what if’ about his old show ’30 Minutes of Madness.’ The 90’s show, put together largely by White, and starring his friends, aired on public access television in Michigan. For 30 minutes, the teens would perform wacky skits, stunts, and sing songs. Unfortunately, White and his friends had a falling out, and the show was left in the dust.

20 years later, White decides to head back to Michigan, rent a house for one month, and reconnect with his former friends to produce a new episode of ’30 Minutes of Madness.’ Along the way he find out just how much some of his friends are struggling, and that this show means something to all of them. Friendships are repaired, and madness has brought happiness to all of their lives once again.


Director Jeremy Royce does a wonderful job of capturing the spirit of just what this show means to the group. Most audience members will be unfamiliar with the small town public access spot, but Royce makes sure to take the time to introduce us. There is a very strange inception type thing happening, since Royce is filming White and his friends while they are filming, but don’t worry… it’s not as confusing as it sounds.

White seems to go through a bit of self discovery of his own, and the film sheds just as much of a focus on him repairing his friendship with his former best friend, Joe Hornacek. Joe seems to have really remained stagnant since high school, expressing difficulties with his health, and his lack of enthusiasm for his job. The show really breaths some life back into him.

This film is nostalgic, fun, touching and sends the inspiring message that it is  never too late to revisit the past. Be sure to check out the madness at: or

OVERALL RATING : 4.75 out of 5


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