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LOGAN’S POWER – The Short Film Review

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Review by Dane Marti

In this subtle comedy, the main character, Logan is 28 year-old who live with his brother, with a bedroom that is colorful, cool and childlike. Obviously, Logan doesn’t know everything that is happening within his brother’s house. His brother is a typical jock/stud hybrid: Not very likable, but he doesn’t care. He isn’t an intellectual. However, Logan, a grown man, is entranced with Comic Books. Hey, I think that’s cool. Unfortunately, like many people, his brother believes that his brother lives in a delusional dream world: “You’re a freak,” his brother tells Logan at one point, trying to explain why his unique brother has trouble with women.
At the office where he works, Logan ‘thinks’ that he is love with a girl named Jean. Obviously, before the film begins, he has discussed the comic book world with this woman on many occasions. She’s an attractive woman, of course, but not the only one in the film. It’s all subjective, I think.  Hopefully, by the end of the film, Logan might also realize this!

Being an adult who doesn’t want to hurt men she doesn’t find attractive, instead of point blank, and often-hurtful truth, Jean pretends to dig super heroes as well, but the subject is obviously banal and silly to her. There are many people like Jean. They have a right to their outdated concepts about Super Heroes. Ha.

In the film, Logan wants to impress Jean, so one day he wears his wolverine costume to work. This sets up a plethora of humorous moments.   Before long (after all, this is a short film) Logan, Victor (Logan’s brother), Jean, and the cute, equally dorky, Kat (Logan’s best friend) find themselves having to deal with pain and magical enlightenment. The film ends with issues left up in the air: Cleverly, it lets the viewer decide the future of the realistic and cute characters. The standout performance was the cute and spunky woman who is Logan’s friend—Kat. Her character is cute and fearless; I imagine that the actress is as well.

People become fixated on certain people to the exclusion of others. However, when Jean tells Logan that she isn’t into movies, well, that did it for me! That would have curtailed my lust/crush on her! Logan, on the other hand is wearing blinders.  Jean might not be a femme fatale, but I certainly didn’t think she deserved the affections of Logan, a sweet boy/man. His interest in her is purely sexual and not very deep to say the least; he has a hard time realizing that.

It seems that in this modern world, , many things are out of a person’s grasp…but people can still create their own identities, their own cool personas. Now, more than ever, grownups are fans of the Comic Book/Superhero Universe. In the not to distant future, this storyline will begin to seem less pertinent. Hell, there’s nothing wrong with liking Super Heroes!

Although I don’t share this view, there are obviously adults who fervently believe that people who love the world of Super Heroes are dangerously weird: These folks who enjoy the fantastic are, according to the stealth-like minds of the typical Mature Adult, are demonstrating an immaturity as gigantic as the Grand Canyon is deep! They probably believe geeks should be sterilized. Logan shouldn’t deal with folks like that! Those people suck.

Directed by Michael Lamarra, this is a charming, subtle and cool movie. I think the acting is nice, very professional; while realistic, the film and performances embody a sweet and romantic world, similar to a Capra film. This is a nice, well-made short film.

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