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Tribeca 2012: Events Preview

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Yesterday I posted a PREVIEW of some of our most anticipated films at this year’s Tribeca Film Festival. Since there are a lot of other things going on besides movie screenings, I thought I’d share with you some of the coolest events also taking place as part of TFF. Unfortunately I will be unable to attend nearly all of these events but hopefully some of you will be able to check them out!

100 Years of Universal

In celebration of 100 years of Universal Pictures, join us for a conversation with iconic actors and directors Robert De Niro, Meryl Streep and Judd Apatow as they share their favorite moments and memories from Universal’s extraordinary history. Moderated by Film Editor for Deadline Hollywood Mike Fleming.

****This event will be streamed for FREE at today at 3 PM! ***


The SoHo and 14 St. Apple stores will be hosting a series of Meet the Filmmaker events with people like Jenna Fischer, Lynn Shelton, Morgan Spurlock & many more. These events are usually recorded and available for free download via itunes. They are also free for the public to attend but space is usually very limited. For a full schedule of Apple events, visit


Yes, I know I said this article is meant to focus on events & not screenings. Trust me, these two film screenings are EVENTS. And they are FREE!


With the summer beach season in full swing, a bloodthirsty great white shark begins terrorizing the small island community of Amity. A police chief, a marine scientist, and a grizzled fisherman set out to hunt it down… but they’re going to need a bigger boat. Roy Scheider, Richard Dreyfuss, and Robert Shaw lead the cast of this groundbreaking Academy Award-winning thriller. Steven Spielberg’s masterpiece returns to the big screen! See the movie that thrilled a generation, launched the summer blockbuster, and has become one of the most enduring action-suspense films of all time. Come early to celebrate Universal Studios’ 100th Anniversary with trivia contests, live music from Afro-jazz pioneers Nomo, and surprise special guests, courtesy of the upcoming New York Downtown Jazz Festival. Later this year, fans can own Jaws for the first time ever on Blu-ray featuring an all-new, fully restored and digitally remastered picture from original 35mm film elements. Fans of John Williams’ iconic score will also love the Blu-ray’s DTS-HD Master 7.1 sound, which optimizes the film for the home screening environment.


When their Oregon neighborhood—affectionately dubbed “the Goon Docks”—is threatened by real estate developers, a group of pre-teen friends needs to find enough money to halt the demolition. Lucky for them, they’ve discovered an old treasure map, sparking an adventure to unearth the long-lost fortune of 17th-century pirate One-Eyed Willie. Sean Astin, Corey Feldman, Martha Plimpton, Josh Brolin, and Joe Pantoliano star in the movie that captured a generation’s imagination. Relive the adventure with Mikey, Mouth, Stef, Data, Chunk, and all the unforgettable characters in this beloved classic. Come early to take part in the “truffle shuffle” contest and win prizes in the first-ever Tribeca Treasure Hunt. Live music from afro-jazz pioneers NOMO, courtesy of the upcoming New York Downtown Jazz Festival.

These panels are always fun and informative. They are filled with great information and usually are a must for filmmakers attending the fest. Here are some of the most interesting panels at this year’s fest:

Film and Brands

Brands and filmmakers are increasingly collaborating on film projects to achieve a range of objectives from marketing and public relations to corporate storytelling and philanthropy. As the number of projects as well as the platforms for distribution increase, the bar has been raised for how to make these projects effective corporate storytelling pieces as well as quality filmmaking. Join producer and director Brett Ratner, American Express’ Vice President of Global Media, Sponsorship and Experiential Marketing Rich Lehrfeld, GE’s Global Executive Director of Advertising and Branding Judy Hu, the Norman Lear Center’s Managing Director and Director of Research Johanna Blakley; and Chief Marketing Officer of Chipotle Mexican Grill Mark Crumpacker for a conversation about how they are collaborating and where this increasingly complex and sophisticated world is heading. Moderated by Jon Patricof, President and Chief Operating Officer of Tribeca Enterprises.

Imagine More

Project Imagin8ion was the first photo contest to inspire a Hollywood film, resulting in the Ron Howard production when you find me, shot using Canon cameras. Join us for a screening of this short film, followed by a discussion with Canon representatives and filmmakers about the versatility of shooting with Canon cameras and creating films through collaborative storytelling. Panelists include Canon USA Technical’s Chuck Westfall, The Russian Winter director Petter Ringbom, CatCam director Seth Keal, and others.

Sponsored by Canon

The Business of Entertainment

Now in its second decade as a signature sponsor of TFF, Bloomberg returns with its Business of Entertainment program at the Festival. This year’s discussion, entitled “Going Global: Will Co-Production Save the Film Industry?” will focus on the recent rise of international co-production, exploring the benefits and obstacles of this often complex but rewarding strategy. Bloomberg convenes major producers, financiers, and other key industry decision-makers who play leading roles in financing today’s film and entertainment industries. Panelists include co-producer of The Girl and CEO of Bonita Films Tania Zarak, Chairman and CEO of Endgame Entertainment James D. Stern, and Director of European Film and TV Group, Exclusive Media, Ben Holden. Moderated by Bloomberg News entertainment reporter Michael White.

Sponsored by Bloomberg

The Future is Short: Storytelling in the Digital Age

As the Internet and other platforms like Hulu, Netflix, Yahoo!, and the New York Times become more commercially viable as distribution outlets for good stories told through film, the opportunities for creating original short-form content have never been bigger, or more lucrative. What do content producers want from original episodic or serial programs, and how do filmmakers who’ve dipped their toes in short-form storytelling, even as brief as three minutes, feel about the work they’ve done? Where might it all be headed? Join CINELAN co-founder Morgan Spurlock (Mansome), filmmaker Annie Sundberg (Knuckleball!), Jason Spingarn-Koff of the New York Times Op-Docs series, and others to discuss the power, art, and business of short-form storytelling. Moderated by Jason Wishnow, Director of Film and Video at TED.

Sponsored by GE / FOCUS FORWARD – Short Films, Big Ideas

New Filmmakers on Film

Panavision’s New Filmmaker Program has helped young directors and cinematographers break into the industry for the past 25 years, supporting films such as Requiem for a Dream and Napoleon Dynamite. While a growing number of filmmakers turn to digital technology, Panavision’s grant program still offers artists the chance to shoot on film by providing them with exclusive camera packages with legendary Panavision lenses, as well as a wide range of digital cameras. Join Una Noche director Lucy Mulloy, Kodak’s US Account Manager of Features and Post-Production Bob Mastronardi, cinematographer Guy Godfree, and other film artists as they discuss the program and new opportunities for emerging talent. Moderated by Panavision’s New Filmmaker Program Manager, Mike Dallatorre.

Sponsored by Panavision

The Pen Versus the Sword

Social change can be implemented through a variety of creative methods—from artists who write and create work that makes people look at society from a new perspective, to bloggers spreading information, opinions, and images to those who need it most, to regular individuals speaking out. Hear from TFF filmmakers Antonino D’Ambrosio (Let Fury Have the Hour), Raymond De Felitta (Booker’s Place: A Mississippi Story), and Stephen Maing (High Tech, Low Life) on how writing and action can make an impact in the world. Moderated by film and culture critic Caryn James.

All descriptions come from the official Tribeca website. There are many more events taking place throughout the festival so be sure to visit for more info!

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