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HOBO WITH A SHOTGUN Comes To St. Louis Next Weekend!

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Destroy The Brain’s LATE NITE GRINDHOUSE program returns to the Hi-Pointe on June 3rd and 4th with the St. Louis Premiere of the exploitation, 80’s genre film tribute, HOBO WITH A SHOTGUN!

This entry into complete cinematic anarchy will inhabit the Hi-Pointe for two nights only. Don’t dare watch this film on your computer or on-demand, see it with an audience as it was intended! Arrive by 11:30pm for their special, one of a kind preshow that includes vintage trailers and other zany videos displayed on the big screen. Also, DTB will be hosting the theatrical premiere of the trailers for Wicked Pixel Cinema’s Ratline and the locally made The Bloodfest Club.

Friday, June 3rd and Saturday, June 4th
Preshow starts at 11:30pm & the film starts at Midnight.

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