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Review: ‘Quid Pro Quo’

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Quid Pro Quo is one of those small wonder films from Magnolia pictures. The movie centers around Issac Knott (Nick Stahl) a reporter on National Public radio in New York. Issac, paralyzed and stuck in a wheelchair from a car accident at a young age, still searches the streets of the big city for the strange and unique story. Issac finds it when he stumbles on a group of people who actually are paraplegic wanna-bes. I have heard of fetishes: feet, hands, and the kinky sex stuff… but to think that there is a group of people out there that dream of being bound to a wheel chair is MESSED UP! Issac meets Fiona (Vera Farmiga) during an encounter with this group and decides to interview her and get some perspective on why they want to be like him. She brings him into her world and seduces him into the wanna-be world.

Quid Pro Quo is in the classic Hitchcock style and supplies the audience with plenty of intrigue and suspense and there are even a few twist in the end that will shock you. Quid Pro Quo is one of the art-house pictures that is hard to find at the theater, but it is well worth the search.The film opens this Friday in limited release and follows nationwide. If you can’t find it, Magnolia is very good about getting their films out on DVD quickly. It should be on the shelves in about a month.

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