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Announcing, our horror site …

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I wasn’t going to announce this for a week or so, but its getting some attention already so I thought I would clue everyone in.

We Are Movie Geeks is a great site for most movies, but some movies just don’t line up with what we do here. To combat that, we decided to launch a horror/b movie site and that’s what you will get with Hack Slash Dead was a name given to us by a friend of the site, so thanks Zak Morris (Saved by the Bell) for the kick ass name … when we make millions I’ll be sure to send you a few bucks.

Go and visit the site, tell us what you think. We will still post up some horror stuff here, but the majority of that stuff will go over there.

I started this site back in christmas of 2007, and it is what you currently see today. I am 26, Married to the very beautiful Quinn, with 2 awesome kids..I am a super geek of the largest proportions.