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Lionsgate Zone at MOTIONGATE Dubai Debuts First JOHN WICK Rollercoaster

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MOTIONGATE™ Dubai becomes home to the first ever theme park rollercoaster inspired by the global hit action franchise John Wick, whose first three installments have grossed nearly $600 million at the worldwide box office. JOHN WICK: CHAPTER 4 is scheduled for release March 2023.

Set over a 310-meter track, and reaching speeds of up to 64km per hour, John Wick: Open Contract will deliver up to 2.8 G-force from the 4D free spin coaster. Inspired by the events of the recent films, after stepping inside The Continental, guests will embark on a journey that simulates the epic action of the John Wick world as the coaster races down a 4D track that provides both forward and backward, freestyle spins.

Opening today (January 21st), thrill-seekers can battle their way through this thrilling 4D free flying coaster with twists around every turn. An open contract has been put out on the assassin John Wick and you will need to choose whether to help or hunt him on behalf of the High Table. Enjoy your stay at the Continental!

Fans of both the John Wick and Now You See Me franchises will be able to experience two record breaking new rides in early 2022.

The Lionsgate Zone will also introduce the world’s fastest single-car spinning coaster based on the popular twists and turns of heist thriller franchise Now You See Me. The launch of these two, world first coasters will earn MOTIONGATE™ Dubai the impressive record for the maximum number of rollercoasters in a single theme park in the Middle East.

Reaching speeds of up to 70 km per hour, riders of Now You See Me: High Roller will feel like they are part of a daring Horsemen escape as they race to expose the antics of a criminal mastermind. Riders won’t find a more intense coaster experience anywhere due to its drops, non-inverted loops, and Immelmann turn sections which will see riders make a full 180-degree turn after entering a thrilling half-loop section of the track, followed by a half twist. For tickets and more information please visit or call 800-AMAZING (2629464).

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