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Here’s the Scary Trailer For the Home Invasion Thriller SEE FOR ME – Opens January 7th

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“Stunningly executed.”– Meagan Navarro, Bloody Disgusting

The Home Invasion Thriller SEE FOR ME opens January 7th. Here’s the trailer:

Sophie, a young blind woman, house-sitting at a secluded mansion, finds herself under invasion by thieves seeking a hidden safe. Her only means of defense: a new app called “See For Me”. It connects her to a volunteer across the country who helps her survive by seeing on her behalf. Sophie is connected to Kelly, an army veteran who spends her days playing first-person shooter games. Sophie is forced to learn that if she’s going to survive the night, she’ll need all the help she can get. A blind teenage girl who ends up being not so powerless after all.

About Skyler Davenport (“Sophie”)Skyler Davenport

 is a visually impaired actor on the spectrum. (Born Kathrine Davenport, Skyler identifies as non-binary and changed their legal name after having ‘top’ surgery, as it is referred to in the LGBTQ community.) Skyler suffered neurological vision loss due in part to a rare condition caused by genetic mutation known as hemiplegic migraines, which mimic a stroke and affect approximately 0.01% of the population. After one of these attacks morphed into a stroke in 2012, Skyler suffered permanent vision loss and became legally blind. Spending many years in hospitals and specialist offices as they re-learned to do daily activities, Skyler eventually left western medicine behind after being told to “learn braille and get a live-in assistant”. They decided to continue to pursue a childhood dream of acting despite these new obstacles, hoping to inspire others with disabilities along the way. Coming from a massive background in voice-over for video games and cartoons such as “Final Fantasy,” “Pokemon,” and many others, the transition to screen has been a harmonious one. Skyler looks forward to working on projects that bring empowering messages to the public, and lovingly changing outdated narratives along the way.

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