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ULTRAMAN ULTRAMANDYNA Available on DVD From Mill Creek Entertainment

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ULTRAMAN ULTRAMANDYNA is currently available on DVD From Mill Creek Entertainment

ULTRAMAN ULTRAMANDYNA is the 13th entry in the Ultraman Series which aired between September 6, 1997 until August 29, 1998. The series is a direct sequel to the previous Ultraman series, ULTRAMAN TIGA

The Year: 2017. Humanity has built settlements throughout the solar system to begin the conquest of unknown lands with new challenges and new dangers. This is the setting for our story. When the Martian settlement is attacked without warning by an immense insect-like monster, a colossal silver humanoid appears to battle the beast. The Super GUTS Team is a seven-person fighting force, as intelligent as they are courageous. Their task; to investigate unusual phenomena and protect mankind from overwhelming danger. Agent ASUKA of the Super GUTS Team, discoverer of the ancient secret ability to transform himself into a gigantic warrior with powers unknown on planet Earth, now ready to wage war against the marauding mastodons of destruction who would threaten humankind.

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