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Director Sean Hardaway’s Shocking PASTURE Available on DVD June 15th From Mill Creek Entertainment

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Mill Creek Entertainment has tabbed June 15 for the DVD debut of director Sean Hardaway’s psychological thriller PASTURE. Ordering information can be found HERE

It’s rural Texas, the Nueces River meanders its way through a remote scrub oak ranch on its way to Corpus Christi and the Gulf of Mexico.   It’s a lovely place, quiet, serene … peaceful.  Sarah (Abigail Rose — Dandy, Crunch Time) awakes in this pastural setting to the voice of James (Brian Kelly), who keeps asking, “what do you remember?”  Disoriented, unclear as to where she is or what is happening, James reassures her that everything is fine … oh, and by the way, this is your sister Ingrid (Kimberley Christann Pember).  This is the nightmare world that Sarah awakes to.   A strange man, who says he is family and appears to be some sort of doctor and a stranger who is, she is told, her sister.   She can’t remember anything, where she is or how she got to this remote location.  Is it a dream … is it real?

Pasture is a psychological horror tale and we soon learn that the all-too-friendly James is experimenting on Sarah.   She is suffering from “schizophrenia” and he is zapping her from time to time to correct the problem … scrambling her brain and the memories therein.   She’s a prisoner, in more ways than one. The big question, if the kindly James and his assistant, Ingrid, can’t cure poor Sarah, does he simply let her go?   Is she really family?   It is a big place, lots of land to bury the past (so to speak) … and she might not be their first “guest.”   A skin-crawling creep-out … June 15 on DVD!!

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