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Brutal Australian Thriller GUILT in Theaters September 26th and On Demand Now

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The Brutal Australian Thriller GUILT Starring JANET SHAY (“Goodnight, Badtown”), HAYLEY FLOWERS (Nia), DAVID WOODLAND (Mooncake and Crab) and RAELEE HILL (“FarScape”, “Water Rats”). in Theaters September 26th and On Demand Now. Check Out this trailer:

A vigilante who targets child abusers begins to doubt her latest target’s guilt, after a mistake from her past is revealed in the thrilling GUILT, in select theaters this from 9/26 and On Demand from GVN Releasing.

Jessie Fuller was a child psychologist. After becoming overwhelmed with the amount of child abuse in the world, and noting how few cases are prosecuted, she decided to take the law into her own hands and become a vigilante, targeting child sex offenders. Her latest target is Grace O’Connell, a woman involved in a child sex trafficking ring, but who avoided jail time after she convinced the judge that she was a victim of abuse herself, and feared for her life if she didn’t obey the ring leader’s demands. Jessie doesn’t buy it. She kidnaps Grace and holds her hostage, giving her the same treatment, and torment, that Grace did to her child victims. However, one of Jessie’s ex-clients, Mitchell Douglas, five years on and now grown up, comes forward and admits to Jessie that he had lied during his sessions about a man named Geoffrey Callaghan, who had molested him, and ended up publicly shamed, convicted and murdered while on house arrest. Jessie had been the murderer. With this disturbing revelation, Jessie becomes pained and conflicted about what to do with Grace. Was she in fact a victim of abuse herself, and somebody who deserves a second chance? Or is she really a wolf in sheep’s clothing, who outsmarted the justice system for too long?

GUILT screens at the Film Noir Cinema in Brooklyn from Saturday, September 26 and is available On Demand.

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