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80’s-Set Russian Sci-Fi-Horror SPUTNIK Opens Aug 14th – Check Out This Trailer

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The 80’s-Set Russian Sci-Fi-Horror SPUTNIK Opens August 14. Check Out This Trailer:

Russia, 1983 – Cold War tensions at their peak. A terrifying scene is discovered at the landing site of spacecraft Orbit-4. The commander is dead, the flight engineer in coma. The third crew member, Valery Basov, has survived, but he has lost his memory from the horrific experience and cannot shed light on the cause of the accident. In a secluded government facility, under the vigilant watch of armed guards, psychologist Tatiana Klimova (Oksana Akinshina) must cure the astronaut’s amnesia and unravel the mystery. In the process, she learns that Orbit-4 may have carried back an alien parasite that threatens to consume them all.

The Critics love SPUTNIK:

“Magnetic…wipes the floor with many of it’s Hollywood counterparts.”

Alex Saveliev, Film Threat

“Excellent, gory, nail-biting.”

Lance Vlcek, JoBlo’s Arrow In The Head

“One of the most suspenseful science-fiction films in years.”

Rebekah McKendry, Blumhouse’s Shock Waves Podcast

SPUTNIK director Egor Abramenko is an established award-winning director of commercials and music videos from Russia.Upon graduation from The Gerasimov Institute of Cinematography in 2009, he worked extensively as director of music videos and commercials. In 2017, Egor’s sci-fi thriller short film THE PASSENGER–which later inspired his feature debut SPUTNIK-was selected for Fantastic Film Festival.

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