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Gregory Peck in THE STALKING MOON Available on Blu-ray From Warner Archive

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” I didn’t have the courage to die. I knew what I had to do to stay alive. “

Gregory Peck in THE STALKING MOON (1968) vailable on Blu-ray From Warner Archive. Ordering information can be found HERE

Veteran army scout Sam Varner (Gregory Peck) agrees to escort a former Apache captive (Eva Marie Saint) and her half-Apache son to safety across a sprawling Southwest of desert wastelands and imposing mountains. But shadowing their path is a renegade killer dead set on getting the boy back.

Peck powerfully reunites with his To Kill a Mockingbird producer, Alan J. Pakula, and director, Robert Mulligan, for a suspenseful tale with the direct leanness and hypnotic landscape of classic Westerns. Events tighten around Varner, his charges and his best friend (Robert Forster) like a noose. The siege is relentless. The terror grows. And the stage is set for a final, violent showdown between hunter and hunted.

Gregory Peck re-teams with his To Kill A Mockingbird cohorts, producer Alan J. Pakula and director Robert Mulligan, for this adult Western that mixes sweeping sky country with claustrophobic cabin suspense. Peck plays veteran army scout Sam Varner, who agrees to one final mission before retiring to his ranch in New Mexico. Varner is to escort a recently “rescued” white woman (Eva Marie Saint) and her half-Apache son back to “civilization”. But the journey takes a dark turn when they discover they are being tracked by the boy’s father, Salvaje (Nathaniel Narcisco), a renegade killer that slays everyone in his silent stalking path. This film’s stark vision of the beauty and the savage horror of the frontier West is seen like never before on this outstanding HD presentation on Blu-ray Disc. Also stars Robert Foster. 16×9 Letterbox

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