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CIMARRON Starring Glenn Ford Available on Blu-ray From Warner Archives

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CIMARRON (1960) starring Glenn Ford is available on Blu-ray From Warner Archives. Order info can be found HERE

Edna Ferber’s epic Western, famously lensed in 1931 with Irene Dunne and Richard Dix, gets the widescreen full color treatment in this remake starring Glenn Ford, Maria Schell and Ann Baxter. As thousands of would-be settlers race across a barren desert to be the first to stake their claim to a plot of land during the Oklahoma Land Rush, Yancey Cravat (Ford) is outwitted by dance hall girl Dixie Lee (Baxter). Without the farm they had hoped to start, Yancey and his wife, Sabra (Schell), take over the local newspaper after the editor is assassinated. But as the newspaper helps bring order to a lawless land, Yancey feels the wanderlust to find new frontiers and new adventures, while Sabra stays to build a publishing empire. Western master Anthony Mann (Winchester ’73, The Naked Spur) directs while the legendary Franz Waxman contributes the film score. 16×9 Letterbox. New 2020 1080p HD Master 

April 22, 1889. Tens of thousands of hopeful homesteaders are poised at the Oklahoma border, waiting for the gunshots that will send them on a feverish dash to claim a share of two million acres free for the taking. The spectacular Oklahoma Land Rush is just one of many pivotal moments in this rousing saga based on the novel by Edna Ferber (Giant) and filmed for a 1931 release to Academy Award®-winning* effect as the recipient of Best Picture and two other Oscars®. Anthony Mann (Winchester ’73, The Naked Spur) directs, and Glenn Ford, Maria Schell and Anne Baxter play central figures in this epic tale set where towns spring up, black gold rains, greed vies with goodness, and settlers sink roots into a land big enough to hold their dreams.

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