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Josh Wiggins and Odeya Rush In First Photo From THE BACHELORS

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Fortitude International has released a first look photo from THE BACHELORS.

The movie stars Oscar winner J.K. Simmons (WHIPLASH, TERMINATOR GENISYS, JUNO), Golden Globe and Oscar nominee Julie Delpy (BEFORE SUNRISE, BEFORE SUNSET),  Josh Wiggins (HELLION, MAX, LOST IN THE SUN) and Odeya Rush (Upcoming HUNTER’S PRAYER, THE GIVER, GOOSEBUMPS)

Hoping for a fresh start, a widower and his 17-year-old son move from a small northern California town to Los Angeles, where a new job, a new school, a wry old friend and two extraordinary women play a transformative role in the reshaping of their lives.

Fortitude is handling international rights to the film in Cannes.

The comedy drama is written and directed by Kurt Voelker (SWEET NOVEMBER, PARK) and produced by Matthew Baer (UNBROKEN, MAGGIE, CITY BY THE SEA), George Parra (JOY, THE DESCENDANTS, SILVER LININGS PLAYBOOK), and Windowseat Entertainment’s Joe McKelheer (BARELY LETHAL, THE HAMMER) and Bill Kiely (CHASING GIANTS, ADDERALL DIARIES).

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