’70s Schlock at The Hi-Pointe – THE VISITOR Playing Midnights This Weekend

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The guys at Destroy The have dusted off a 1979 obscurity for their monthly Late Night Grindhouse midnight series this weekend (December 6th and 7th). THE VISITOR is a film I’m completely unfamiliar with. I do have a vague recollection of seeing the VHS box on video store shelves decades ago but I know I never watched it. Apparently, like MIAMI CONNECTION and SAMURAI COP, two other recent Late Night Grindhouse entries, THE VISITOR has developed a cult following in recent years and someone somewhere thinks it is worthy of big-screen reassessment. Its slumming cast includes Oscar winners Mel Ferrer, John Huston and St. Louis’ own Shelley Winters, as well as Glenn Ford, director Sam Peckinpah and Lance Henriksen, so I’m game.


THE VISITOR was an Italian-American co-production, a mixture of horror and mysticism that ripped off several of the horror/sci-fi cycles of the ’70s (OMEN/EXORCIST/ALIEN). The plot is something about John Huston trying to save the world from a creepy little devil-child who likes to make things explode…and apparently there’s a flock of evil birds and Franco Nero who makes  an appearance as Jesus! I’m so there!


A couple of quotes from IMDB regarding THE VISITOR:

“Possibly the worst film I have ever seen”

“the VERY bottom of the barrel”

St. Louis filmgoers will have a chance to judge for themselves when THE VISITOR screens in all of its big-screen glory this weekend as part of the Destroy the Brain monthly Late Night Grindhouse film series. It will be shown at St. Louis’ fabulous Hi-Pointe Theater (1005 McCausland Avenue) this Friday and Saturday (December 6th and 7th). The pre-show begins at 11:30 and admission is $7.


I wonder if this scene was shot at The Magic House in Kirkwood !?!

The Friday night Facebook Invite can be found HERE

The Saturday night Facebook Invite can be found HERE

The Destroy The site can be found HERE

The Hi-Pointe Theater’s site can be found HERE

And check out this psychedelic trailer for THE VISITOR

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