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YouTube GEEK WEEK Starts Today With Patton Oswalt’s Animated STAR WARS FILIBUSTER

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Hey fellow Geeks!

YouTube Geek Week starts today with Blockbuster Day and host Freddie Wong.

During the first ever YouTube Geek Week (August 4-10), more than 100 of the top YouTube channels will unveil amazing new videos and all-new series premieres, as well as some pretty creative YouTube collaborations to help fans everywhere discover their ‘inner geek.’


Each of the days will have a special theme with specially curated content such as “Super Day” with Stan Lee’s World of Heroes channel.

New videos will be posted throughout the week and some highlights to check out today include:

STAR WARS FILIBUSTER: Patton Oswalt’s Rant Animated from Nerdist

Breaking Bad: The Middle School Musical from Rhett and Link

Making a Real Life-Size Wall-E Robot from Tested

Star Wars vs Star Trek Street Fight! from The Multiverse

10 Best Blockbuster Fan Parodies w/Brian Blessed from AllTime10s

Skyhook – Freddie heads to the Batcave for a little extra help on a first date from freddiew

10 Ways To Make A Hollywood Blockbuster For Under $100  with Adam Ray from AllTime10s


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