My Two Robs : The Interview – With ROB CORDDRY And ROB HUEBEL

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The apocalypse is coming to theaters and on VOD today in the form of RAPTURE-PALOOZA. Only this time, Craig Robinson, Anna Kendrick, John Francis Daley, Rob Corddry, Paul Scheer, and many more are along for the ride.

Recently, I sat down with stars Rob Corddry and Rob Huebel to talk with them about the film, as well as some other random topics. Check out our little chats about clipping your toenails in IHOP, mustaches, and who the better doctor really is below.

When the Apocalypse actually happens and a billion people are raptured up to heaven, Lindsey (Kendrick) and her boyfriend Ben (Daley) are left behind in suburban Seattle. The young couple try their best to lead a normal life surrounded by talking locusts, blood rain showers, and pot-smoking wraiths. But when the Anti-Christ (Robinson) makes his home base in their neighborhood, Lindsey finds herself the object of his affection. With the help of her family, friends, and a lawn-mowing zombie neighbor, the young couple set off to stop the Anti-Christ from taking her as his bride… and just maybe, saving the world in the process.

(We’ll preface this with them asking me where I am from, which is originally St. Louis.)

RH: Isn’t Nelly from St. Louis?

He is.

RH: Come on guys.

RC: We’re big fans.

RH: Huge. Put that in your article.

You have the Anti-Christ, religion, sarcasm…



RH: If there’s sarcasm in this movie, I’m out!

RC: You’re fu- You’re reading into that.

… so what was it that attracted you to this project?

RC: Uh, Rob Huebel.

RH: I heard that he (points to Corddry) was going to be in it.

You guys have never worked together before… ever…

RH: We were actually both really attracted to Craig. We’re like “Oh, Craig’s doing it. Yeah.”

RC: I don’t remember exactly how it happened, but I assume because Craig’s a producer – that’s why we’re here. I probably owe him a thanks.

RH: I think Craig was like “I’m producing this movie. Let’s get these guys.”

RC: “Let’s get my buddies in.” (Laughs)

RH: “We’re gonna shoot this in Vancouver? Those guys would be fun to drink beer with.”

Because your both have worked together so many times, what’s the dynamic like on set? Do you know what to expect at this point?

RH: I think it depends. I mean, we know it’s going to be comedy GOLD! (Laughs) Don’t we? We try to leave room to improvise some stuff. I think this script was funny to us. You had more written – I think I had, like, 4 lines written in the script. And then when we got there they were like “Yeah, just say whatever you want.”

RC: (Laughs) So we created a whole relationship.

RH: Yeah, we created a whole relationship between us.

RC: … and Scheer too! Like, I had that whole scene with Scheer too. Same exact thing.

RH: So, if you’re lucky, when you do a movie like this, you can get people who can improvise and try to make it funnier, and develop the characters a little more. But, yeah, we’ve worked together a lot, so we feel pretty comfortable together.

RC: Yeah. It’s also like… being an actor, it’s always kind of your first day. You know, your first day in the office is always uncomfortable. (Laughs) “Where’s the coffee machine? Can I leave for lunch or…?” But, being able to work with people that you’ve worked with before, who you are friends with, it’s just… it rarely feels like the first day anymore because it’s all familiar faces.

RH: Yeah, and I think, comedically, we’ve worked together before, so we’ve kind of developed a shorthand with each other – where I sort of know what he might be going for in something. Like, if he’s going down some weird road and he’s improvising, I sort of know what I can be to help him bounce that off of me.

RC: And, Huebel and I… I think I’ve worked with you the longest of anyone in Children’s [Hospital]. We’ve been improvising together since, like, 97’. So, I think you and I always have the most satisfying improv. (Laughs) At least once a season something that happens

RH: … some sort of banter between us… (Laughs)

RC: … that I just get insanely proud of… (Laughs)

RH: It could also only be funny to us.

RC: Totally.

If “The Rapture” were to take place tomorrow, which of the plagues would you be most afraid of?

RH: Wait… do you know the plagues? Like, there’s locusts…

… there’s blood rain…

RC: That doesn’t sound too bad to me.

RH: Blood rain?

RC: Blood rain.

RH: There’s also famine… there’s a lot of plagues.

A lot of people got killed by fiery meteors in this film.

RC: Pestilence. Pestilence would be tough.

RH: What is that? Is that disease?

RC: I don’t know. I don’t know what that is… (Laughs)

RH: I would say locusts. I would not want locust all over me…

RC: No! That sounds terrible…

RH: … and in my face.

RC: … any sort of bugs…

RH: Yeah, bugs in general. You don’t want mosquitos. You don’t need all that.

[To Rob Corddry] How long does it take you to grow a mustache? You had a pretty great stache in this one…

RC: God… (sigh) … it took me about 10 minutes in makeup.

RH: 10 minutes to success.

Oh… they glued it on? Because that’s comfortable…

RC: I swallowed about 8 or 9 of them during the course of making this.

RH: I will say that you look…

RC: (Laughs…)

RH: … so much like a pedophile with a mustache.


RC: Seriously… (laughs)

RH: I would say you look exactly like a pedophile… and I know a lot of pedophiles.

RC: Also, it immediately ages me, like, 10-15 years. (Laughs)

RH: I think that’s why they did it. How are you going to be John Francis Daley’s dad… I mean, let’s do the math on that.

RC: I know. I know. I had him when I was like, 13.

Craig Robinson has been known to be very musical on set. I noticed the piano in the film. Was there a lot of music going on behind the scenes?

RH: Oh man. We were always hanging out on set just…

RC: … jammin’…

RH: … just jammin’…

RC: … and man, how we’d get so high…

RH: … so high…

RC: … and just jam…

RH: … and just jam R&B songs…

RC: … and that’s when the good stuff happened..

RH: … Oh, that’s where the magic is


RH: No. That was someone’s house. What you see in the movie… that belongs to some billionaire guy in Vancouver. That was his house. So we didn’t really loiter around there too much.

RC: Also, every interior is in that house. I don’t even know if they dressed it. It’s like “Oh, this dude had a piano so Craig had a piano.” (Laughs) “We don’t have a lot of money to do the movie, so lets use what we have.”

[To Rob Corddry] You just had a film you worked on by Michael Bay come out. What is it like to work on a Michael Bay set?

RC: Same thing… Lotta improv…

RH: Just magical…

RC: Easy peasy… (Laughs)

RH: Just easy peasy…

RC: It feels like the first day of work. It’s different. Say what you will about his reputation, but what I found was that he’s the hardest working man in the room, and demands that of the people around him by actions. You know what I mean? Like, you immediately just want to please him. You wanna do good. You wanna work hard because he’s working hard. We’re always working on stuff that is low-budget, so it’s always moving fast… but I’ve never been on a set that moves so fast.

RH: Really? Even on a big budget project like that…

RC: It wasn’t even that big budget. I mean, 26 million is big budget to us, right? But to him…

RH: That’s nothing to him…

RC: … that’s nothing.

RH: That’s what that movie was?

RC: 26. Yeah. Nothing.

RH: That’s not a lot. By the way, that’s about 25 million more than what we used to shoot this movie.

RC: Exactly! (Laughs) He was telling us that he shot this one scene where The Rock [Dwayne Johnson] is on his knees in a hotel room really high, and Bar Paly, his girlfriend, is talking nonsense to him, and he can’t understand her. And he goes “Watch that scene. I shot it in 17 minutes. We got in, shot it, and had to get out of the location.” He shot it, and it’s gorgeous. It’s amazing. So, he thrives, I think, in that environment. I think he really likes solving problems, and he’s really good at it. He’s a really good director.

RH: We should get him to direct some Children’s Hospital. Why wouldn’t he ever want to.

I think that’s a great idea!

RC: Why wouldn’t he ever want to? (Laughs) He’s gotta be sick of money at this point!

RH: He’ll do it as a fuck you to himself.


RC: Fuck you, me!

[To Rob Huebel] You tweeted today that “IHOP is a great place to meet people who like to clip their toenails while you eat your pancakes.”. Does this come from experience? Have you actually ever seen someone do this?

RH: Yeah. I had spent the night in Palm Springs last night, and was driving back this morning, and stopped at an IHOP… and there was someone clipping their toenails in the booth next to us.

RC: Gross.

That is so gross.

RC: I think it’s rude. I think it’s rude when people clip their toenails alone in their own bathroom. That’s disgusting.

RH: Disgusting.

Did you say anything???

RH: No, it’s IHOP. You’re allowed to do that.

RC: No! Because that person is obviously insane! Don’t mess with that person!

RH: That person has…

RC: Don’t talk to that person…

I can’t imagine a sane person doing that…

RH: No, that’s their target market – is people…

RC: You know what I hated too… and not to sidetrack…

No, you’re good!

RC: … we lived in New York forever, and people would clip their fingernails on the subway.

RH: Ohhh..

Oh, no!

RC: All the time! Like, you’re always hearing “tink, tink” and…

RH: Ugh.

RC: … it’s, like, a thing. A lot of people will wait. That’s their time.

RH: Then it’s like their bathrooms.

RC: It’s so fucking disgusting to me. Biological waste is just flying everywhere.

I’m horrified right now.

RC: It’s horrifying!

I half expected that to be a farce. I didn’t expect that tweet to be real.

RH: Everything I tweet is real.

RC: Nothing! He never lies!

Well, that kind of answers my next question. I’ve been surprised lately by how many celebrities have other people tweeting for them. That is actually you guys tweeting.

RH: Yeah. We tweet…

RC: Imagine if you had someone tweeting that – my favorite Huebel tweet ever is something like… and I’m paraphrasing… “Never go running in the park with rapist written on your forehead.” or something, and – can you imagine if you had your publicist doing something like that? (Laughs)

RH: I know a few entities… like I got asked to do the twitter page for a movie that was coming out that I was not involved with at all…

RC: Oh, that’s weird.

RH: I was not involved in the movie. I know the director, so he asked me “Do you mind running the twitter page?” and I politely said “No thank you.”.

RC: (Laughing) It’s like “Yeah, I kinda so mind actually”.

RH: “Yeah, if you put me in the movie!”

RH: It’s kind of strange that an individual would have someone else tweet for them.

RC: You can tell though. Like, Tom Cruise has never typed anything into twitter, and stuff like that… I don’t think he would, but there’s a lot of people like that who probably don’t. But for us, we can tweet anything and it’s just a joke. For guys like that, everything they say is put under a microscope. We just go like “satire” and everything goes away.

RH: You can literally tweet anything…

RC: Anything…

RH: The only time I’ve been burned is – there’ve been a couple of times where I’ve woken up and I didn’t look at the news to see what was going on, and it’s been the day of, like, a major national tragedy, or something like that, and I’ll get on there and be like “Oh man. These tacos gave me diarrhea.” and people are like “How dare you! This plane just crashed!”.

RC: Hahaha! Oh god…

RH: “Oh, I didn’t know.”

[To Rob Corddry] WARM BODIES had a really nice reception. Are we looking forward to a sequel?

RH: Oh. I wanted to see WARM BODIES. I didn’t even get to see it. Where can I see it?

RC: Jesus Christ dude…

RH: I didn’t…

RC: Don’t…

RH: Come on…

RC: I can get a private screening.

He knows a guy…

RC: I know a guy. I just heard today, from a journalist, that Isaac Marion is writing a sequel. Maybe he’s writing the book sequel.

Would you be down for a sequel?

RC: Yeah! Hell yeah! I pretty much don’t say no to a lot of stuff. (Laughs)

RH: Who’s the guy in that? Who’s the kid? Cause he’s big now, right?

RC: Nicholas Holt.

Isn’t he like a superhero now?

RC: Yeah. Nic Holt. He’s in X-Men. He’s the Beast. He’s great, and he’s awesome in it. They’d be silly, probably, not to make another one. I always look at it realistically, like, how is my character going to figure into it… I don’t know. Who knows. I’ll do it. Yes. The answer is yes! (Laughs)

Children’s Hospital has been picked up for a fifth season. What can we look forward to? Also, who do you think is the better doctor?

RH: The best doctor?

RC: That’s a great question!

RH: Well, the fan favorite is me… Dr. Owen Maestro.

RC: I would say a lot of the doctors that aren’t really characters on the show. I mean, it’s a hospital. There has to be a hundred more doctors in that hospital. They’re probably better…

RH: The best doctor, if you mean the most skilled physician is probably…

RC: Josh Weingard. (Laughs) We haven’t seen him yet.

RH: Dr. Rosenberg.

RC: We actually have a scene – we just finished shooting the fifth season, and we’re editing it now. There is a scene where one doctor – you think he gets killed, and you turn him over and it’s somebody that just looks like him, and it’s like “Oh god! It’s Josh Weingard, our best surgeon!”, and then we have an argument over a dead body about “Is he the best?”

RH: “Is he really the best?”

RC: “I don’t know.”

RAPTURE-PALOOZA is in theaters and on VOD today


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