Celebrate 50 Years of BLOOD FEAST this Saturday at The Way Out Club in St. Louis

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“A feast such as this has not been performed in 5,000 years. “

BLOOD FEAST (1963) is the stomach churning movie by “The Godfather of Gore ” Herschell Gordon Lewis that opened the floodgates to the countless blood and slasher movie that followed since its release fifty years ago. BLOOD FEAST was a midnight movie drive-In mainstay for years. No Punches are pulled and no organs left inside from our view in BLOOD FEAST. This film is a true classick in every sense of the word. Remember this was the mid 60’s folks. Sure the effects were cheap & fake, but the bad intentions were there from the get go. Gotta love that Mr. Lewis. 2,000 MANIACS, THE GORE-GORE GIRLS, and COLOR ME BLOOD RED – he cranked ‘em out with no shame. That crazy Egyptian Fuad Ramese and his fowl deeds have kept gorehounds, drives-ins, fans, & curiosity seekers amazingly shocked for five decades and now you’ll have the chance to help celebrate its half century this Saturday night (May 25th) at GRINDHOUSE NITE AT THE MOVIES at The Way Out Club (2525 Jefferson Avenue in South St. Louis) starting at 9pm.

Get ready for a night of GUNS, GIRLS, and EXPLOSIONS (or, more accurately, Burlesque, Exploitation movies, and live music). So give my regards to 42nd Street – it’s a spectacular not seen since the 70’s!!! The St. Louis band RIVERSIDE NATIVES will open the show their own brand of greasy Rock and Roll and the local band SHADOW THIEVES will perform songs from their upcoming third CD including one inspired by Barbara Steele’s performance in Black Sunday.  In between will be a burlesque set from local beauty Rayna Skye who will be performing her one-of-a-kind special Burlesque tribute to the 1974 Blaxploitation/Martial Arts Masterpiece TNT JACKSON. Between these acts vintage Grindhouse trailers will be screened. There will be lots of great Door Prizes, Giveaways and raffles for some amazing Kung Fu, Blaxploitation, Biker, and Horror Grindhouse Box Sets. All of this amazing entertainment leads up to the midnight screening of BLOOD FEAST.


There will be 5 Grindhouse DVD Box Sets to Raffle off that evening, Savage Cinema (Biker Exploitaion) Dragon Immortal (Bruce Lee Exploitation) Cult Terror Cinema (60’s-80’s B Movie Horror) Drive In Cult Classics (Sexploitation) and lastly Gorehouse Greats (Splatterhouse) To help raise money for the mastering sessions for SHADOW THIEVES third CD. There will also be $1 raffles for a few Vintage 70’s Sexploitation Posters Campus Swingers and The Van. We’ll also have raffles for two Kung Fu Movie Posters; Dragon Vs Needles Of Death and The Iron Dragon Strikes Back. TIckets are $1 a piece or 10 tickets for $5. Winners will be drawn and announced at the end of the SHADOW THIEVES set before Blood Feast is shown.

Admission to GRINDHOUSE NITE AT THE MOVIES is only $7!




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