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Weekend Box Office Numbers Dec. 28-30, 2012

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It would seem the one ring still rules them all as the Middle-Earth adventure THE HOBBIT: AN UNEXPECTED JOURNEY reigned once again at the box office this weekend, outperforming newcomers DJANGO UNCHAINED and LES MISERABLES.

THE HOBBIT: AN UNEXPECTED JOURNEY is the No. 1 film in the world for the third consecutive weekend with an estimated weekend gross of $139 million from 63 markets. The film only dropped 12% from last weekend. The current worldwide total now stands at $687 million.

But a bounty-hunting ex-slave was hot on the trail of those Middle Earth travelers as DJANGO UNCHAINED came in for a close second with $30.6 million. Quentin Tarantino’s violent and controversial epic is already at a $64 million total in its first six days (after a robust Christmas Day opening of $15 million). At this rate, it could end up being Tarantino’s biggest movie, if it surpasses INGLOURIOUS BASTERDS ($120.5M) and PULP FICTION ($107.9M).

Like “Django,” the opening weekend of LES MISERABLES is impressive. Also like Django, it’s even more impressive when you look at its gross from over the entire holiday week. Tom Hooper’s adaptation of the iconic musical grossed $28 million over the weekend but has a total haul of $67.4 million. If audiences continue to flock to it like they have flocked to the stage show for decades, this could be a massive smash hit.

Fox’s Billy Crystal/Bette Midler vehicle PARENTAL GUIDANCE survived poor reviews and earned a not-bad $14.8 million over the weekend – the exact same amount it earned in its first three days of release. After six days, PG has earned $29.6 million against a modest $25 million budget, it should hold up nicely in the new year.

Tom Cruise’s JACK REACHER continues to thrash bad guys with another $14 million, just a 10% drop from its opening. That said, Judd Apatow’s maligned comedy THIS IS 40 actually made more than last weekend, as did Steven Spielberg’s LINCOLN, the Rogen/Streisand road comedy THE GUILT TRIP, and Pixar’s extra-dimensionalized reissue of MONSTERS, INC.

Meanwhile, SKYFALL, which garnered $4.6 million domestically this weekend reached a huge milestone, surpassing $1 billion at the worldwide box office.

The top-12 domestic weekend box office estimates listed in descending order, per data collected as of Sunday, December 30, 2012 are below.

Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, The – Warner Bros. – $32.9M
Django Unchained – The Weinstein Company – $30.7M
Les Miserables – Universal – $28.0M
Parental Guidance – 20th Century Fox – $14.8M
Jack Reacher – Paramount – $14.0M
This Is 40 – Universal – $13.2M
Lincoln – Disney – $7.5M
Guilt Trip, The – Paramount – $6.7M
Monsters, Inc. – Disney – $6.4M
Rise Of The Guardians – Paramount – $4.9M
Skyfall – Sony – $4.6M
Silver Linings Playbook – The Weinstein Company – $4.1M

Full details regarding the global domestic and international box office results are listed in the table below.

 Weekend BO Estimate  (USD)  Wknd Release Cume   
Title  Worldwide  Int’l  Domestic  Worldwide  
Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, The 139,420,000 106,500,000 32,920,000 686,703,000
Les Miserables 66,327,440 38,300,000 28,027,440 116,165,865
Life Of Pi 43,025,000 39,200,000 3,825,000 304,695,184
Jack Reacher 32,110,000 18,100,000 14,010,000 67,161,000
Django Unchained 30,688,000 30,688,000 64,008,265
Wreck-It Ralph 22,405,000 20,400,000 2,005,000 275,855,000
Parental Guidance 21,800,000 7,000,000 14,800,000 36,588,692
Rise Of The Guardians 16,500,000 11,600,000 4,900,000 255,430,000
Skyfall 14,900,000 10,300,000 4,600,000 1,000,246,774
This Is 40 13,185,850 13,185,850 37,191,140
Lincoln 7,509,000 7,509,000 132,039,000
Guilt Trip, The 6,700,000 6,700,000 21,102,000
Tower, The 6,600,000 6,600,000 6,700,000
Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, Part 2 6,450,000 4,000,000 2,450,000 806,129,776
Monsters, Inc. 6,363,000 6,363,000 18,490,000
Pitch Perfect 6,358,295 6,200,000 158,295 93,103,578
Silver Linings Playbook 4,110,000 4,110,000 36,060,722
De L’autre Cote Du Periph 4,000,000 4,000,000 9,000,000
Cirque du Soleil: Worlds Away 3,700,000 1,300,000 2,400,000 14,807,000

SOURCE Rentrak Corporation

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