15 Memorable Movie Moments of 2012

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Guest Article By Vance Brawley

2012 was full of memorable movie moments. Moments that moved us, made us think, inspired laughter & tears and moments that surprised. When was the last time Christopher Walken really moved you? When has a Bond film looked so amazing? Were you also concerned when you heard about the casting of Anne Hathaway in both the new Batman movie and LES MISÉRABLES, one of the most beloved musicals of all time? And when was the last time you knew the outcome of a fact-based film but were on the edge of your seat during the climactic scene nonetheless? And what movie moments charmed you the most from 2012 and which ones will you remember for years to come?

In a countdown to 2013, here are some of my memorable moments and I believe at least a couple of yours:

Jack Black’s Music Man bit in BERNIE.

Tommy Lee Jones’ words on the Senate floor in LINCOLN.

Two stellar supporting turns from an actor that I don’t like: Matthew McConaughey (BERNIE/MAGIC MIKE).

Christopher Walken’s understated and touching performance in SEVEN PSYCHOPATHS.

Leonardo DiCaprio’s dinner scene monologue in DJANGO UNCHAINED.

Roger Deakins’ cinematography in SKYFALL.

Anne Hathaway exceeding (low) expectations as Catwoman/Fantine (THE DARK KNIGHT RISES/LES MISÉRABLES).

Robert De Niro and Bradley Cooper’s attic scene in SILVER LININGS PLAYBOOK.

The re-enactment & last 20 mins. of ARGO.

The re-enactment & last 45 mins. of ZERO DARK THIRTY.

The return of Sam Jones as Flash Gordon in TED.

Norman getting ready for school in PARANORMAN.

Undeniable chemistry between cinematic pairings of Andrew Garfield/Emma Stone (THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN), Daniel Craig/Judi Dench (SKYFALL), Jennifer Lawrence/Bradley Cooper (SILVER LININGS PLAYBOOK) and Jamie Foxx/Christoph Waltz (DJANGO UNCHAINED).

Ang Lee’s masterful use of a cgi tiger in LIFE OF PI.

And I will always remember that Hushpuppy lived with her father in the Bathtub.


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