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Review by Barbara SnitzerIt took a little time for me to warm up to this very funny, enjoyable Italian comedy.  Not only does Italian star Ficarra (Salvo) look a lot like Roberto Benigni, but he has the same broad, manic comic energy that I personally don’t find funny at all.  This looked like a comedy, but I wasn’t expecting funny.

The creative director of the St. Louis International Film Festival, Chris Clark, who knows that I’m Le Movie Snob, assured me this movie was funny.  Knowing his taste, and knowing that he knows mine, I feel guilty for admitting my doubt.   Ti prego di perdonarmi.

Like the average American who doesn’t have the instinct for when pasta is al dente, it soon reached the perfect temperature.

Yes, it’s a broad comedy, with contrived romantic entanglements.  But the situations and dialogue are laugh-out-loud hysterical.  Pay special attention when you hear the scene from which the title is taken- totally original and unexpected.

Having been made in 2011, it’s unlikely this movie will get a general release, so this may be your only chance to see it.

Keep in mind the majority of comedies produced in the US derive their humor from outrageous inappropriate behavior, bodily functions, and while successful, are not nearly as good as American movies that are more than thirty years old (Animal House, The Blues Brothers, Used Cars….)  How many Hangovers do you want to experience?

Woody Allen couldn’t bring back this much love from Rome.

Vediamo al cinema!!!
IT MAY BE LOVE BUT IT DOESN’T SHOW screens as part of the 21st Annual Whitaker Saint Louis International Film Festival on Sunday, November 11th at 6:00pm at Plaza Frontenac Cinema and Thu, Nov 15th at 9:30pm also at Plaza Frontenac Cinema

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