THE DICTATOR Has The “Cannes” Do Attitude – Photos

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The Cannes Film Festival opened today! While visiting Cannes, General Aladeen took a much needed break from his hard life of “dictatoring” to spend some quality time with supermodel Elisabetta Canalis (George Clooney’s former girlfriend) aboard a luxury yacht at the Hotel du Cap. The always controversial Sacha Baron Cohen, dressed as his alter-ego, and Elisabetta were presumably having a good time until she slapped him. In the prank Aladeen and his bodyguard threw Clooney’s ex over the side in a bodybag.

Before all the hijinks began, The Dictator arrived to much fanfare at the Carlton Hotel in Cannes. Aladeen drove to Canal+ with guest Sasha Volkova for Le Grand Journal on May 16th 2012 in Cannes France.

THE DICTATOR is in theaters now.

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