ALL IN – THE POKER MOVIE Trailer Featuring Matt Damon

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Check out the trailer for the documentary ALL IN – THE POKER MOVIE set to be released nationally on April 24th.

The movie features Matt Damon, Star of “Rounders”, Frank Deford: Peabody Award-Winning Sports, Journalist, Ira Glass: Host of National Public Radio’s “This American Life,” Doris Kearns Goodwin: Pulitzer Prize-Winning Writer and Historian, Kenny Rogers: Grammy Award-Winning Entertainer, Bert Sugar: Sports Writer and Historian.

4th Row Films will release “All In – The Poker Movie” nationally on April 24, 2012 via digital retailers including Amazon and iTunes, with a DVD release to follow in July 2012. The opportunity to pre-order the film is available at, along with a limited edition poster and “All In – The Poker Movie” playing cards. This release will follow a 40 market theatrical release in late March, including the Cinema Village in New York City and Laemmle 4 in Los Angeles. A look at the story of poker from the underground clubs of New York City to the global boom and the recent online scandal, “All In – The Poker Movie” is garnering unprecedented support across the country, with poker players participating in post-screening discussions during many of the theatrical runs either in person or via satellite.

Written and directed by Douglas Tirola, and produced by Susan Bedusa, Robert Greene and Tirola, ALL IN- THE POKER MOVIE chronicles the worldwide poker boom that started in the underground clubs of New York City and went on to be played at homes and casinos all around the globe. The film explains how poker has become the target of politicians who have tried to cut off the ability for millions to play and for many to make a living.

This documentary weaves the quest for the American Dream, the ability to take risks, and the celebration of entrepreneurship with a game that began with conmen on riverboats nearly two centuries ago. Poker has become a metaphor for making it big quick, and though millions play it, poker seems unable to escape it’s cinematic image of something done by people on the outside of society. The film’s extensive research, archival footage, and interviews with today’s poker celebrities, as well as social commentators such as Ira Glass and Doris Kearns Goodwin make this the definitive exploration on this worldwide cultural phenomenon.

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