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The fourth and final trailer for Corner Film Production’s second feature length film ‘Casualties of the State.’ A thriller set in the current political landscape, ‘Casualties of the State’ tells the story of two FBI agents and an NSA agent assigned to investigating the murders of high level government officials.

Directed by Jeremy Cropf
Produced by Alex Shirley, Alan Lamberg
Written by Alan Lamberg
Starring: Alex McCormick, Ted Jordan, David Mueller, Lauren Yates, Portia Secor, Paul Russell, Neal McCluggage, Collins Lewis, Scott Stotlz, Matt Kemmerer, John Lewis, Rhonda Husak, Jan Carson, Sandi Leicht, Carl Overly, Andrew Keller, Carlos Hagene, Gary Wells, Robert Ashton, Erik Williams, Aleh Neliubin, Nathan Gemayal, Adam Fry, Matt Shea

Coming Winter 2011 from Corner Film Productions

Casualties of the State – Trailer 4 from Jeremy Cropf on Vimeo.

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