Netflix Nuggets: Naked Whites Enter the Dogtooth Ballad

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Netflix has revolutionized the home movie experience for fans of film with its instant streaming technology. Netflix Nuggets is my way of spreading the word about independent, classic and foreign films made available by Netflix for instant streaming.

[streaming of BALLAD OF CABLE HOGUE available only until 1/31/2011]
Director: Sam Peckinpah

Synopsis: Abandoned in the desert, prospector Cable Hogue survives his ordeal when he discovers a freshwater spring. Transforming the oasis into a much needed pit stop on the local stagecoach route, the resourceful Hogue sits back to wait for his double-crossing former partners. Jason Robards shines in the title role of this lighthearted Western, a film characterized more by picaresque comedy than by director Sam Peckinpah’s signature violence.

Director: Jules Dassin

Synopsis: When a model is found drowned in her bathtub, homicide detectives Dan Muldoon (Barry Fitzgerald) and Jimmy Halloran (Don Taylor) are on the case. Their investigation, the inner workings of the police department and some of the “eight million stories in the Naked City” are explored. Filmed on location in New York City, this classic thriller won Oscars for cinematography and editing and was nominated for a Best Writing Oscar.

Director: Gaspar Noe

Synopsis: When Oscar (Nathaniel Brown), a foreign drug dealer living in Tokyo with his stripper sister, Linda (Paz de la Huerta), is fatally shot in a police raid, his spirit leaves his body in a hallucinatory odyssey that merges his past, present and future into a chaotic whole. This riveting third film from provocative French auteur Gaspar Noe screened in competition at the 2009 Cannes Film Festival. Cyril Roy co-stars..

Director: Giorgos Lanthimos

Synopsis: In this Greek drama, siblings who grow up cut off from the world — homeschooled and dependent on one another for entertainment — develop their own blissful alternative universe. That universe is shattered when their father lets in an outsider. Sex enters the picture when dad begins bringing home a female security officer to satisfy his son’s sexual needs. Suddenly, nothing is quite the same within this highly idiosyncratic family unit.

Director: Julien Nitzberg

Synopsis: Hailing from Boone County, W. Va., mountain dancer Jesco White may be the most famous member of the White clan — thanks to the 1991 documentary The Dancing Outlaw — but he’s hardly the most colorful. This film focuses on the rest of the brood. Director Julien Nitzberg spent a year with five generations of the West Virginia family — and spoke to various members of their community (including the sheriff) — to provide this colorful portrait.

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  1. Justin Block

    January 26, 2011 at 11:01 pm

    Oh this is a great idea. I LOVE Netflix’s instant watch feature. I didn’t know they had added Dogtooth and Enter the Void. This is such good news. Please keep this up!!

    • Travis Keune

      April 10, 2011 at 2:21 am

      Sorry for the long lag in time between my first update of Netflix streaming titles and the second, but I hope to offer this roughly on a weekly basis going forward. Check back often.

  2. Constance Godsen

    January 27, 2011 at 2:31 am

    Great idea–especially since Netflix has shamefully stopped the Friends & Faves features that made it so easy to find good films to stream.

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