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EP8: Bong Bak 2: Money Never Sleeps (Guest: DC Pierson from Derrick Comedy)

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On tonight’s episode of The Golden Briefcase, Tim Scott and Jeremy are joined by DC Pierson from Derrick Comedy to discuss the new DVD/Blu-ray releases, the new trailers for WALL STREET: MONEY NEVER SLEEPS and THE LOSERS, relive POINT BREAK and T2 and recap Sundance 2010.

The main topic of the show was Oscar nominations. The guys talk about their hopeful wins and which direction they think the Academy will lean in terms of the main categories.

*the title of this episode refers to DC Pierson’s theory regarding stoners’ love for the Tony Jaa film and Hollywood’s habit for subtitles in sequels (for those of you who don’t want to listen to the episode…when you should listen).

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