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Downey Jr. Not a COWBOY nor an ALIEN

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As if we needed another reason to run a picture of Robert Downey Jr. shirtless and bloodied, today comes news that he has stepped down from the lead role in COWBOYS AND ALIENS.  This comes just seven days after the announcement that the Jon Favreau-directed project might be going the way of AVATAR with 3-D ALIENS and 3-D COWBOYS.

The news of Downey’s departure comes from The LA Times, who also speculates this could bring about his potential signing in a SHERLOCK HOLMES sequel.  Whether this departure has anything to do with that film’s making remains to be seen, but, at $165 million in domestic box office, it seems a HOLMES sequel is pretty much  inevitable  at this point.

DreamWorks is still moving forward with Favreau’s direction on the film, and it remains one of their Summer 2011 tentpole films.  Production is set to begin later this year.


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