Brad Pitt Entering a DARK VOID

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dark void

Brad Pitt’s Plan B is doing all it can to win over the fan boys.   First, it picked up the rights to Max Brooks’ WORLD WAR Z covering the zombie world.   Now, according to Risky Business, the company, along with Indian giant Reliance BIG Entertainment, is going to take on the alien world, as it has attained the feature film rights to Capcom’s third person shooter, DARK VOID.   The film is being developed as a possible starring vehicle for Pitt.

The video game centers on a cargo pilot who is transported to an alternate reality after crashing in the Bermuda Triangle.   He soon finds himself behind hunted by an alien race.   Along with a small band of humans, he tries to fend off the alien threat with a cavalcade of weapons and things that go boom.

Risky Biz projects that, should the film become finalized, it could end up at DreamWorks’ feet due to the financing pact the studio has with Reliance.   The video game is due out in January.

Says Capcom senior vp licensing Germaine Gioia on the game’s opportunities in the film world:

As a game, DARK VOID was developed with a wide-screen mentality – a world full of adventure presented in cinematic scope and scale.

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