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Rainn Wilson gets “Super” for James Gunn

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St. Louis-native James Gunn has a new film in the works called SUPER, which will be a comical take on the superhero genre. Gunn is a former Troma writer (TERROR FIRMER, TROMEO & JULIET) and has recently built a husky Internet following with his series of PG Porn shorts. His last feature film directorial outing was with the incredibly cool comedy-horror SLITHER (2006).

Gunn’s cast is coming together, featuring Liv Tyler, Ellen Page and now Rainn Wilson. Wilson will play an average Joe who takes on a superhero alter ego known as Crimson Bolt. This transformation occurs after witnessing his wife (Tyler) taken in by a drug dealer. The catch is, he doesn’t actually have any superpowers, instead wielding a mighty wrench.

Source: Variety

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