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‘Iron Man 2’ Coming At You in 3D

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It’s one thing to shoot a movie in 3D, a la James Cameron’s ‘Avatar,’ where every, little intricacy is put in place to enhance the usage of the style.   It’s not really a gimmick when this is the case.   Unfortunately, Paramount and Marvel Studios apparently love a good gimmick.   According to Harry over at Ain’t It Cool News, ‘Iron Man 2,’ not shot with the intent of being viewed in 3D, will be converted to incorporate the new found trend.

Read this little excerpt from Harry’s article:

Right now, there is a 1 minute demo of IRON MAN 2 converted to high quality digital 3D. I’m told this one minute is totally like Kim Basinger & Mickey Rourke in 9 1/2 WEEKS. HOT! Crazy Hot! Right now the Suits at Marvel & Paramount & now also Disney are considering this 1 minute.

At the same time that this is happening, they are fishing for bids with 3 different companies to see what the cost and time it would take to convert IRON MAN 2 to a complete 3D film. This same process is being done to Tim Burton’s ALICE IN WONDERLAND – but if this comes to pass. What will this mean for the rest of Marvel’s slate leading to THE AVENGERS? Will THOR & CAPTAIN AMERICA also go through this process? Or will they be shot from the get go in 3D?

Watching Iron Man, Whiplash, War Machine and Black Widow in 3D would be an unbelievable experience next summer – and my little birdy tells me there’s a chance they’ll actually pony up to convert IRON MAN for a reissue in advance of IRON MAN 2’s summer release.

Now, Harry’s not one for subtlety, so his geek-gasm over the potentiality of ‘Iron Man 2,’ is explicitly expressed.   Unfortunately, with the film begin converted after the fact, it seems like Paramount and Marvel are just trying to cash in on a growing trend with this announcement.   Not exactly a groundbreaking observation, a movie studio trying to cash in on a popular piece of filmmaking.   However, with what Favreau put together for the first ‘Iron Man,’ it just seems like he would be above cashing in on something his film wasn’t even designed for in the first place.

Time will tell.   We’ll keep you posted.

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