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Early Footage for ‘The Lovely Bones’

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the lovely bones

Working backwards from the end of the week to today, we know that the trailer for ‘The Lovely Bones,’ Peter Jackson’s latest film, will be attached to prints of ‘Julie & Julia’ this Friday.  Anyone heading out to scope out Meryl Streep’s latest Oscar-nominated performance will have that treat before the film starts.  This means that, likely, the trailer will be debuting online one day prior.

However, Entertainment Tonight will be featuring the trailer on their program Tuesday night.  I don’t consider this the debut, because they’ll probably be talking over the beginning and end, and won’t let the entire thing play out as it should.

To get prepared for this footage being shown, ET has this 30-second promo clip for their Tuesday night show, which features our first look at footage from the film.

Check it out:

‘The Lovely Bones’ is set for release on December 11th.

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