March 27-29 Weekend Box Office Estimates

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Shocker….’Monsters vs Aliens’ did exactly what the producers from Dreamworks were hoping for…so much for the reviews from Metacritic and Rotten Tomatoes. This’ll  only provide more ammo to Dreamworks chief, Jeffrey Katzenberg, to go ahead with his diabolical plan for world domination….ha, kidding….  to make all future animated films in 3D. Panda Hugger, out in Hollywood, said ‘Monsters vs Aliens’ played just fine in 2D in the Dome at the ArcLight. Just  look at the poor showing (yawn!)  made by Fox’s ’12 Rounds’. John Cena should stick to the WWE. And lord help us, ‘Dragonball Evolution’ is next on the horizon.  Fox was so through with their so-so ’12 Rounds’ marketing campaign weeks ago  and are gearing up for  a huge summer with ‘X-Men Origins: Wolverine’ and ‘Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian’.

  1. ‘Monsters vs Aliens’  - wknd   $58.2 mil.
  2. ‘The Haunting in Connecticut’ – wknd $23 mil.
  3. ‘Knowing’ – wknd $14.7 mil.,  total  $46.2 mil.
  4. ‘I Love You, Man’ – wknd $12.6 mil.,  total $37 mil.
  5. ‘Duplicity’ – wknd $7.5 mil., total $25.6 mil.
  6. ‘Race To Witch Mountain’ -  Ã‚  wknd $5.6 mil., total $53.2 mil.
  7. ’12 Rounds’ – wknd $5.3 mil.
  8. ‘Watchmen’ – wknd. $2.7 mil., total $103.2 mil.
  9. ‘Taken’ – wknd. $2.7 mil., total $137 mil.
  10. ‘The Last House on the Left’ – wknd. $2.6 mil., total $28.4

Source:Â   Box Office Mojo

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