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Cruise Might Join Cronenberg’s ‘Matarese Circle’

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Tom Cruise is in talks to join Denzel Washington on the David Cronenberg-directed ‘The Matarese Circle’.   The thriller is based on the 1979 novel by Robert Ludlum.

Cruise will go mano a mano with Washington as two bitter enemy spies who, after spending two decades trying to kill one another, find themselves in the crosshairs of the Matarese, a powerful group at the root of a conspiracy.   The script by Michael Brandt and Derek Haas (‘Wanted’) updates Ludlum’s original Cold War premise to a more modern setting.

This will be an interesting project to watch develop.   It looks like Cronenberg is getting more and more mainstream, but his direction has never lagged one bit.   It will also be nice to see Cruise and Washington together on screen.

‘The Matarese Circle’ is scheduled for a release some time in 2010.

Source: Variety

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