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Brad Renfro dead at 25..

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Tonight is a sad night. Actor Brad Renfro was found dead this morning in his home. The cause of death is still unknown, and I hope it wasn’t drug related.

Here is a look back at his acting career:

1994 The Client Mark Sway
1995 Tom and Huck Huck Finn
The Cure Erik
1996 Sleepers Young Michael Sullivan
1997 Telling Lies in America Karchy Jonas
1998 Apt Pupil Todd Bowden
2001 Bully Marty Puccio
Tart William Sellers
Ghost World Josh
2002 American Girl Jay Grubb
Deuces Wild Bobby
2005 The Jacket The Stranger
2006 10th and Wolf Vincent
2008 The Informers Jack

I highlighted some of my favorite movies that he was in..

RIP Brad.

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