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TFF 2013 DAILY RECAP: Sunday April 21ST

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Today started off with a press & industry screening of THE PRETTY ONE written & directed by Jenee LeMarque. If there was one thing I took away from this film, it is that Jake Johnson needs to star in more movies because he is charming as hell. I knew very little going in, which I was far better off for around the 10-minute mark. The film manages to mostly stay on the correct side of being cute and quirky without getting too weird, which is surprising given its premise. Zoe Kazan plays identical twin sisters, Audrey who dies in a horrible tragedy on her birthday, and Laurel who decides to take her place. Yes, it is a comedy and to be honest, not that dark either.

TFF The Pretty One

I left Clearview Cinemas and began walking toward the Borough of Manhattan Community College, just 45 minutes away, for the Tribeca Talks Director Series chat with Ben Stiller and Jay Roach. This trip really tested my decision to walk everywhere during the festival but I arrived with plenty of time to spare. I was able to grab a front row seat, which led to a few nice photos… before I was told to stop taking pictures or I’d be kicked out. I am not quite sure why non-flash photos were not allowed at an event like this, especially for press, but I just sat back an enjoyed the chat. And luckily you can too because the entire talk was posted online for free by Tribeca.

TFF Jay Roach

For anyone who has caught BEN STILLER’S COMEDY ROUNDTABLE that has been playing on Encore recently, you know what to expect from an event like this. For anyone who hasn’t, it is probably exactly what you expect anyway; two funny guys telling stories and occasionally revealing an insightful little nugget of filmmaking info. I was particularly surprised to hear them go into such detail about the preview screenings scores for ZOOLANDER and AUSTIN POWERS. They also touch upon improvising on set and staying true to your own vision rather than trying to predict what the audience will find funny. It really is a good watch so you should check it out below when you get a chance.

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