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THE POSEIDON ADVENTURE Capsizes Saturday Morning at The Hi-Pointe

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“Ya had a lotta guts, lady… a lotta guts.”

THE POSEIDON ADVENTURE screens at St. Louis’ fabulous Hi-Pointe Theater this weekend as part of their Classic Film Series. It’s  Saturday, April 12th at 10:30am at the Hi-Pointe located at 1005 McCausland Ave., St. Louis, MO 63117. The film will be introduced by Harry Hamm, movie reviewer for KMOX. Admission is only $5

THE POSEIDON ADVENTURE is the breathtaking story of a cruise ship capsized by a tidal wave, the result of an undersea earthquake. At the time of the disaster, many of the ship’s passengers are celebrating New Year’s Eve in the Grand Ballroom of the ocean liner. The film then details the trials of ten survivors as they desperately make their way to the ship’s hull, which is now their only hope for escape, something they must do before the ship sinks to the ocean floor. Along the way, lives are lost, relationships are formed and subplots are as layered as the levels of the Titanic. Our hero, Reverend Scott, played by Gene Hackman, leads this band of stereotypes with an undying spirit; nothing will stand in his way. It’s Hackman’s energy and determination that carries the film and pulls us in. We feel like we’re trying to escape as well, and we’d follow him anywhere.

The supporting cast is also quite effective, featuring standout performances from Oscar nominated Shelley Winters as a Jewish grandmother on a journey to see her grandchildren for the first time, Ernest Borgnine as a New York cop recently married to ex-hooker Stella Stevens, and Red Buttons as a lonely haberdasher searching for companionship which he finds in Carol Lynley, a frightened lounge singer. Rounding out the cast of survivors are Pamela Sue Martin and Eric Shea as parent-less siblings, Jack Albertson as Winters’ husband and Roddy McDowall as a steward along for the ride.

The Hi-Pointe’s site can be found HERE

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