Super-8 ROBERT REDFORD – PAUL NEWMAN Movie Madness June 3rd at The Way Out Club

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We like to celebrate great actors at Super-8 Movie Madness at The Way Out Club. We’ve had past shows highlighting the careers of Charles Bronson, Boris Karloff, Clint Eastwood, Lee Marvin, Christopher Lee, Vincent Price, Peter Cushing, and Burt Reynolds. On Tuesday, June 3rd, we’re offering a double dose of Actor Madness with SUPER-8 ROBERT REDFORD/PAUL NEWMAN MOVIE MADNESS!

That’s right, these two Oscar-winners paired up famously in two films: BUTCH CASSIDY AND THE SUNDANCE KID and THE STING and we’ll be showing both of those. To highlight Mr. Redford’s solo career we’ll be showing JEREMIAH JOHNSON and THE GREAT WALDO PEPPER. And Mr. Newman’s solo career will be represented with THE TOWERING INFERNO and SLAP SHOT.


Movies we’re showing that star neither Mr. Redford nor Mr. Newman are: REVENGE OF THE CREATURE, Disney’s SONG OF THE SOUTH, CREATURE WITH THE ATOM BRAIN, MONKEES IS THE CWAZIEST PEOPLE, an Alfred Hitchcock Trailer Reel, RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK, A Trip to Disney’s Magic Kingdom, and George Peppard and Jan-Michael Vincent in the 1977 sci-fi classic DAMNATION ALLEY


We’ll have some Robert Redford and Paul Newman trivia with great prizes as well as the usual T-Shirt and Poster giveaways. Super-8 Movie Madness, now in its fifth year, won the 2013 Riverfront Times ‘Best of St. Louis’ Award for Best Film Festival. The show starts Tuesday, June 3rd at 8pm and goes until Midnight. The Way Out Club is located at 2525 Jefferson Avenue (at Gravois) in South St. Louis. Admission is only $3.00. Yummy Way Out Pizzas are available.

The Facebook invite for the event can be found HERE

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