Super-8 PETER CUSHING Movie Madness February 4th at The Way Out Club in St. Louis

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Peter Cushing (1913-1994) was one of the most respected and important actors in the horror and fantasy film genres. To his many fans, the British star is recognized for his work with Hammer Films which began in the late 1950’s. Cushing’s best-known roles outside of Hammer include Grand Moff Tarkin in STAR WARS (1977) and Dr. Who in DR. WHO AND THE DALEKS (1965) and DALEKS INVASION EARTH 2150 AD (1966). Peter Cushing truly was The Gentle Man of Horror and SUPER-8 PETER CUSHING MOVIE MADNESS will be a great way to celebrate his career.

SUPER-8 PETER CUSHING MOVIE MADNESS will take place at The Way Out Club on February 4th beginning at 8pm. Condensed versions (average length: 15 minutes) of these great Peter Cushing films will be screened on a big screen on Super-8 sound film: DR WHO DALEKS INVASION EARTH 2150 AD, THE BEAST MUST DIE, STAR WARS, AT THE EARTH’S CORE, TWINS OF EVIL, THE GORGON, and HORROR OF DRACULA.


The non- Peter Cushing Super-8 films we’ll be showing February 4th are: W.C. Fields in IT’S A GIFT, Steve Martin in THE JERK, WAR OF THE WORLDS, THOSE MAGNIFICENT MEN IN THEIR FLYING MACHINES, HOUSE OF FRANKENSTEIN, ABBOTT AND COSTELLO GO TO MARS, and a Horror Movie Trailer Reel.

We’ll have some Peter Cushing trivia with great prizes as well as the usual T-Shirt and Poster giveaways. The show starts at 8pm and goes until Midnight. The Way Out Club is located at 2525 Jefferson Avenue (at Gravois) in South St. Louis. Admission is only $3.00. Yummy Way Out Pizzas are available.

The facebook invite for this event can be found HERE

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