Trailer and Images of Malcolm McDowell in SANITARIUM

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Sanitarium (Malcolm McDowell)

I remember seeing  Malcolm McDowell speak at Lindenwood College a couple of years ago. Someone in the audience asked him about some DTV thriller he had starred in. He just gave a blank look and said “I don’t remember anything about that movie!”

Well, I doubt he’ll forget about SANITARIUM because it looks so darn scary!

SANITARIUM is an anthology that consists of three segments based on particular patients of a mental institution, and.will be having its World Premiere on March 1st at the Miami International Film Festival.  It also stars  Robert Englund, John Glover, Lou Diamond Phillips, Lacey Chabert, Chris Mulkey, and David Mazouz (young star of “Touch” on FOX). The always frightening Malcolm McDowell stars as Dr. Stenson, head psychiatrist presiding over a sanitarium where hardly anyone ever gets well. In tales of three of the sanitarium’s most disturbed patients, we soon see why. Robert Englund, John Glover, Jeremy Ray Valdez (La Mission) and Lou Diamond Phillips (La Bamba) star in this triptych anthology from Texas filmmakers Bryan Ramirez, Kerry Valderrama and Bryan Oritz. Superlatively shot, this creepy “Tales of the Crypt” style chiller reminds of us how the mind is sometimes humanity’s most powerful weapon. And beware the progressive shift in the ill, from the sane to the insane…darkness descends.With elements from “The Twilight Zone,” “Alfred Hitchcock Presents” and “Creep Show” ” episodes explore the different narratives of the insane patients – tales which led to their crazed states of minds. These accounts reflect hallucinations, imaginary voices, and altered realities, and include themes of the paranormal, the unexplainable, and the mystical. The motion picture features thrillers, dramas, horror, and mystery.


Check out this terrifying trailer:

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