SWITCHBLADE SISTERS at the Hi-Pointe Midnights this Weekend!

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You can beat us, chain us, lock us up. But we’re gonna be back, understand? And when we do, you better keep your ass off our turf, or we’ll BLOW IT OFF! Ya dig? We’re Jezebels, – remember that name. We’ll be back!”

Crabs, Donut, Patch, and Muff will be at the Hi-Pointe this weekend and I’m not talking about the concession stand! Of course it’s the SWITCHBLADE SISTERS, a prime slice of 70′s girl-gang cheese and this weekend lucky St. Louisans will have a chance to see it in its big screen glory as part of the Destroy the Brain monthly Late Night Grindhouse film series. It will be screened midnights in a 35mm print at St. Louis’ fabulous Hi-Pointe Theater (1005 McCausland Avenue) this Friday and Saturday (February 1st and 2nd). The pre-show begins at 11:30.

Exploitation auteur Jack Hill (SPIDER BABY) who directed Pam Grier in several tough Blaxploitation classics (including two of her best COFFY and FOXY BROWN) wrote and directed the rough, satiric girl-gang movie SWITCHBLADE SISTERS. Before filming, Hill actually did research about gang life but then threw it all out, because he didn’t think stark realism mixed well with chicks in hot pants, leather and lace, studded boots and bell bottoms. The story centers on The Dagger Debs, an all-girl gang working with the Silver Daggers, a male gang that controls a tumultuous and rundown school delivering sex and drugs to the student body. Another gang led by the sadistic Crabs feels the Daggers are intruding on their turf and decide to go to war. Meanwhile, a tough broad named Maggie shows she’s no pushover and quickly joins the Debs. With this sexy new member trouble arises between the Debs and the Daggers while the Crabs wait in the wings to strike.


Director Hill throws a bit of everything into his trash epic toxic brew. There’s tough gangs, lesbian wardens, misogyny, an electro-disco score, roller skating rinks, black revolutionaries and a wildly over the top war in the streets with an armor plated battle car that foreshadows the post-apocalyptic actioners of the early 1980’s. There’s also political subtext with gangs following the words of Mao Tse Tung and Crabs wears a German cross with a swastika in the center. The movie also takes a grim view of violence in the school system and youth in general. These punks run prostitute rackets in the bathrooms and sell drugs outside in plain sight. And you’ll never forget the sexy Monica Gayle as Patch!

SWITCHBLADE SISTERS (originally titled THE JEZEBELS) is an absolute blast and a real must see for any fan of cult cinema!

The Facebook invite for Friday’s Midnight show can be found HERE

The Facebook invite for Saturday’s Midnight show can be found HERE



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