Super-8 END OF THE WORLD Movie Madness February 5th at The Way Out Club in St. Louis

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The Mayans were right. They were just off by a couple of months! It’s DOOMSDAY February 5th and Ground Zero is Way Out Club on when we present SUPER-8 END OF THE WORLD MOVIE MADNESS!

That’s right; we’ll be showing condensed (average length: 15 minutes) versions of several apocalyptic disasters on Super-8 sound film projected on a big screen. Here’s the judgment day lineup: WAR OF THE WORLDS (1953), WHEN WORLDS COLLIDE, CRACK IN THE WORLD, METEOR, and Charlton Heston in EARTHQUAKE, and THE DAY THE EARTH STOOD STILL.

Other (non-doomsday) films screening on February 5th are: Robert Redford in JEREMIAH JOHNSON, Tom and Jerry in MILLION DOLLAR CAT, Jane Fonda in BARBARELLA, Woody Allen in TAKE THE MONEY AND RUN, THE WASP WOMAN, THE DEADLY MANTIS, a James Dean Clip Reel, and THE WARRIORS.

Cover charge is a mere $3.00 and the show begins at 8pm. We’ll have lots of posters and T-Shirts and stuff to give away. The Way Out Club is located at 2525 Jefferson Avenue in South St. Louis (corner of Jefferson and Gravois). There are yummy Way-Out pizzas available.


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