Patty Shepard – Eurohorror Starlet Dead at 65

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I always found it interesting that actress Patty Shepard was from Greenville, South Caroline, my father’s hometown, and wondered how she ended up in Europe co-starring alongside Paul Naschy and others in a string of cult horror films. She moved to Spain at 18 to study philosophy and ended up living there the remainder of her life. She started as a model and worked in Spanish television before moving into film. Like Barabra Steele, Shepard had a face that could embody both innocence and evil at the same time and her first horror film was with Naschy in ASSIGNMENT TERROR (1970). The role cult fans best remember her for was as Wandesa D¡rvula de Nadasdy in WEREWOLF VS. VAMPIRE WOMAN (1971) the second film featuring Naschy’s doomed werewolf character, Waldemar Daninsky (I have the paperback tie-in novel). Other horror credits for Ms Shepard include HANNAH QUEEN OF THE VAMPIRES (1973), REST IN PIECES (1987), and EDGE OF THE AXE (1988). Shepard was married to the Spanish actor Manuel de Blas who played Dracula in ASSIGNMENT TERROR. She apparently suffered a fatal heart attack on Tuesday.

This obit from THE NEW YORK DAILY NEWS doesn’t even mention her horror career but there’s not a whole lot out there about her right now.

An American model and actress who became a star of the Spanish silver screen has died from a heart attack. Patty Shepard, who was from Greenville, South Carolina, died at the age of 68 in her Madrid home on January 3, Spanish media reports. Born in 1945, she moved to Madrid in 1963, aged just 18, to study philosophy. She never returned home. The young Shepard soon became a model and appeared in several popular television commercials – most notably one for a brandy firm.

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Shepard with her husband, actor Manuel de Blas

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