Fred Lincoln Dead at 75 – Played Weasel in LAST HOUSE ON THE LEFT

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“I wonder what the meanest, foulest, rottenest, woodsiest sex crime ever was?”

Fred Lincoln was a giant in the adult film industry, directing and acting in hundreds of porno films from the early 70’s up until about 5 five years ago when his health began to decline. We Are Movie Geeks doesn’t cover porn, but like his costar David Hess (who died in October of 2011), Lincoln would have gone done in history as one of the slimiest degenerates in the movies if he had appeared in nothing except the 1972 rape and revenge classic LAST HOUSE ON THE LEFT where he played the repellent villain Weasel Padowski (a name he sometimes used as a pseudonym for his porn directing). Director Wes Craven’s first film was one of the most notorious movies ever made, offending nearly everyone who saw it, and 40 years later, it hasn’t lost any of its edge. Weasel gets the most painful comeuppance in the film, having his manhood bitten off and spit into a pond by the mother of a girl he’d just raped and tortured. LAST HOUSE ON THE LEFT was originally planned as a hardcore feature which may explain Lincoln’s initial involvement though Lincoln would claim it was the worst film he ever appeared in (!). Lincoln worked for cult directors Andy Milligan in FLESHPOT ON 42nd STREET (1973) and Joe Sarno in A TOUCH OF GENIE (1974), but spent almost his entire post-LAST HOUSE career in the hardcore porn biz. He was at one time the owner of the notorious New York City sex club Plato’s Retreat and is interviewed on camera in the 2008 documentary AMERICAN SWING about Plato’s. I met Fred Lincoln, along with David Hess and the other two LAST HOUSE killers, Marc Sheffler and Jeramie Rain, at the Cinema Wasteland Convention in Cleveland in 2005. The four participated in a lively running audio commentary over a 16mm screening of LAST HOUSE and they all signed my LAST HOUSE ON THE LEFT poster. Lincoln was friendly and open about his wild, vulgar lifestyle. He had been in ill health and I do not know the exact cause of his death but I’m sure even he was surprised he made it to age 70.


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