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Interview conducted by Tom Stockman November 2, 2012

TWILIGHT SAGA: BREAKING DAWN – Part 2 opens Friday and Summit Entertainment sent two actors to St. Louis last week to help promote the film. Charlie Bewley plays the vampire Demetri and Daniel Cudore plays the vampire Felix. Both are members of the Volturi clan.

CHARLIE BEWLEY (Demetri) made his major motion picture debut as the Volturi Demetri in The Twilight Saga: New Moon, followed by The Twilight Saga: Eclipse, and The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn: Part 1.

A former athlete with a penchant for travel and adventure, Bewley only took up acting five years ago, but already has a string of recent successes to his name: co-staring in the 2011 Sundance Grand Jury winner Like Crazy, and also playing a key lead alongside a stellar ensemble cast in Russian/US collaboration Soldiers of Fortune.

In 2012, Bewley has already filmed the Luc Besson produced desert thriller Intersection; and due in April 2013 is Vertigo Films’ Hammer of the Gods, where he plays his first major lead as Steinar, a ferocious Viking in an epic journey of self-discovery

DANIEL CUDMORE (Felix) appears as Felix, a member of the Volturi, in The Twilight Saga: New Moon, The Twilight Saga: Eclipse, and The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1.

Prior to filming The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, Cudmore was on location in Santa Barbara filming Rights of Passage.  He recently completed production on two projects: the feature film The Baytown Outlaws (returning to Louisiana for filming) playing Lincoln Oodie, and a movie-of-the-week for CMT called  The Matt.  He is also featured in a web-series for the Halo video game franchise from Microsoft called “Halo 4 Forward On To Dawn,” where Cudmore plays the character Master Chief.

In 2001, Bryan Singer selected him for the part of Colossus in the movie X2 and he reprised that role in the third installment X-Men: The Last Stand. Other feature credits include Alone in the Dark Two and Are We There Yet.

His various television credits include Stargate SG-1,The Collector, and the pilot for a series called Revolution.  He has had roles in movies-of-the-week such as Merlin and the Book of Beasts and Too Cool for Christmas.

In his spare time he enjoys spending time being active.

We Are Movie Geeks caught up with Charlie and Daniel at St. Louis’ Blueberry Hill restaurant last Friday and asked a few questions about the latest installment of the blockbuster franchise.

We Are Movie Geeks: Daniel, describe the difference in being on the set of the X-MEN franchise and being ion the set of the Twilight movies.

Daniel Cudmore: I think the only real big difference is the genre and the film content.

WAMG: What about the budgets. Does that make a difference?

DC: Well, I think THE X-MEN was made more in the heyday when budgets were getting really big  and it was kind of the norm that they were that large. But I think the quality and the way that it felt on both sets was about the same. It’s still the same job. You go in to be an actor and to play these parts so I don’t know that there was much difference except that we had to keep things secret.

WAMG: Maybe a little more on TWILIGHT because of all the press that surrounded it?

DC: Well, X-MEN was very hush-hush too because it was the first time that certain characters were introduced. Things weren’t a lot different.

WAMG: Is the last Twilight film?

Charlie Bewley: There have been a lot of rumblings about the series continuing on, an extra movie. Everybody asks if there will be another movie. I guess it depends how much money this one makes . If I look at it from the perspective of someone who owns this franchise, and it’s still making money, then it’s just good business. What I can say for sure is that all the issues that were given so much time in the first movies have all been resolved very well. The newest movie really continues on from the first movie. To see Bella as a vampire is just brilliant. It really ties up the arc of the whole saga. And the ability she has it’s frightening. It’s cool to see. And you have all these new vampires coming in and we became good friends with these guys and spent time with them filming in Baton Rouge and one of them has brought their game. They’re really good actors. Everyone has their power.

WAMG: If you could move on and act in a different franchise of your choice, what would it be?

DC: Right away, Bond. I would love to play a villain in a a Bond film. I hear Javier Bardem really steps it up in this new one. I’m a huge Bond fan and have been watching them since I was a kid. I wanna get that 50 year box set.

CB: I would love to see the Twilight universe expanded. You realize, with Stephanie Meyer’s creation, that vampires exist all over the world. There are more evolved vampires than the coven. There is so much more to do. You could do a whole series of movies about these other characters.

WAMG: What’s next for you guys? Charlie, you’re working on a movie about the Iraq war?

CB: We have a substantial script that we’ve researched for by interviewing hundreds of veterans. We went around the country and spoke to these guys. It’s a 367 page script which is way too long so we’ve got a script doctor working to bring it down to about two and one half hours so that’s exciting but a bit of a ways off. I have a Viking movie coming out in the Spring called HAMMER OF THE GODS. I lead the case in that. Great cast in that of British actors, I’m also in a Luc Bresson movie coming out next year called INTERSECTION

DC: I’ve got Halo, a live-action web series that the last episode just came out. I’ve got a movie called BAYTOWN OUTLAWS coming out. It’s a redneck action comedy with Billy Bob Thornton and Eva Longoria. I play the middle brother in that. It was a lot of fun shooting that in Louisianna. A lot of guns, a lot of shooting, a lot of swearing. That comes out early next year. Billy Bob Thornton is awesome, so cool.

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